International Pi Day celebrations

Come and celebrate International Pi Day at Scitech!

Pi (π) is the ratio between the diameter of a circle and it’s circumference. The digits of Pi, go on infinitely with no repetition or set pattern. For centuries people have revelled in the challenge of calculating and memorising the digits of Pi. The first three are 3.14  which is why we celebrate this number on March 14 (3/14).

We also want to celebrate this marvelous number, so on International Pi Day we'll be hosting some special activities and eager to chat about all things Pi-related with you.

What's On? 

> Pi Leader Board: Recite the digits of Pi as far as you can and get your name ranked on the leader board.
> Pi in the face! Anyone who can recite Pi from memory up to or more than 20 decimal places will get to throw a cream ‘pi’ in the face of a Scitech staff member.
> Find your number: Enter your favourite number to find out which position it appears within Pi
> Make a Pi bracelet: Use different coloured beads to represent the numbers and create your own Pi memento to take away.
> The Pi calculator: We will have a computer running a calculating and displaying the digits of π, up to more than a billion digits – or until the computer crashes! Talk to our Maths Multiplier for an explanation of how it works.
> Pi on show: Amazing showreel of Pi videos showing things like how Pi sounds when turned into music, interesting Pi facts, and a pi domino run.

Why is Pi important?

Pi is one of the five fundamental constants of mathematics (the others are e, i, 0 and 1 - ask us why when you come down!). One of the reasons Pi is important because it is this that allows us to calculate length and area of circles and these calculations are used in all kinds of endeavours: describing the shape of the universe, modelling atomic interactions, construction and engineering, calculating magnetic fields and finding new planets just to name a few!

We all know the most important invention was the wheel, and how do you calculate the circumference of a wheel? Multiply the diameter by π!

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Event details

  • Date: Tuesday, 14 March 2017
  • Time: 10am-4pm
  • Cost: Normal Scitech admission prices apply
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Other: Tickets available at the door OR online prior to your visit
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