Strike your best pose to see yourself in 3D, have your actions mimicked by a robot, try your hand at the Japanese art of Chindogu, experience science through interactive art - the possibilities of science and technology are endless in Scitech’s permanent exhibition space, Rio Tinto Innovation Central.

On now, Rio Tinto Innovation Central will evolve and morph over the next five years, showcasing the latest in innovation and design from across the world.

Strike your best Matrix pose and see yourself in 3D using a special rig of cameras, see 3D printers in action and engage with robots of all shapes and sizes.

Compete against your friends in the Robot Arena - coming 8 April 2017. Collect objects, play games and solve puzzles in this high tech new addition to Rio Tinto Innovation Central.

  • RTIC Feb2015 CamC  MG 5048
    Interact with the latest in technology.
  • RTIC Feb2015 CamC  MG 5166
    Be amazed by live science demonstrations.
  • RTIC Feb2015 CamC  MG 5359
    Experiment and play in this unique space. 

If you're lucky, you may also catch our science presenters in Rio Tinto Innovation Central conducting a Quantum Levitation demo using liquid nitrogen! 

COST: Free with admission
AGES: 4 +



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