The crime scene is a zoo, a security guard has been shot and a prized white rhino has been stolen. Can you help solve this crime?

Armed with a crime file, Whodunit? allows visitors to use forensic science such as finger-printing, chromatography, autopsies, footprints and DNA samples to gather evidence and solve this murder mystery.

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    Gather evidence from a variety of sources that real forensic scientists use, including poo!
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    Have fun smelling different scents (some nicer than others!) and comparing them.
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    Try your hand at ink chromatography to help gather more clues.


Whodunit? will be open daily in the BHP Billiton Exhibition Gallery from 15 May, 2017.

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COST: Free with admission

AGES: Recommended for children aged 8+. Parental guidance is advised. Whodunit? is a murder mystery. The exhibition contains a simulated dead body, as well as crime scene investigations that some people may find confronting.

Scitech is an all ages science centre

Scitech is an all ages science centre that aims to provide contemporary content that excites young children, challenges middle years, inspires teenagers and engages adults. We do our very best to provide an environment that encourages discussion between parents and their children, or teachers and their students.

As the Whodunit? Exhibition is a forensic investigation the crime scene as a whole needs to be investigated and the simulated body is shown in context to the crime. We have included a warning at the entrance of the Exhibition to allow parents the opportunity to prepare their children in advance or exclude them if they do not feel it is appropriate.

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