We Are Astronomers

“We Are Astronomers” follows astronomers from around the globe as they work together, endeavouring to answer the unresolved questions of the stars by using incredible scientific technology.

You’ll participate in an international quest to uncover the secrets of far off galaxies and decipher the code of starlight and be immersed in the world of exotic galaxies and endless possibilities, charting changes and challenges in stargazing since time began.

Duration: approximately 25 minutes
Produced by: We Are Astronomers is a production of NSC Creative Distributed by Sky-Skan, Inc.
Narrated by: David Tennant
School groups: Year 4 to Year 12

Please note:
Children under 4 years of age cannot be admitted into the planetarium and shows are subject to change without notice.

Open to the general public as part of your visit to Scitech.

To check show information for the planned date of your visit, please call 9215 0700.

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